Drain Cleaning in Edmonds, WA

Drain Cleaning in Edmonds, WA and Surrounding Areas

water drain in stainless sink

Drains are designed to carry away wastewater and other types of semi-solid wastes away from the house, and into the sewer line. However, poor use often leads to clogging. For instance, when the kids use too much toilet paper in the toilet, and it leads to a clog. On the other hand, rice, toothpicks, meat fats, and fruit and vegetable cuttings might also find their way into the kitchen drain. When shaving in the bathroom, the pieces of hair might clog the bathroom drain. It  just happens! Household drains easily get clogged, making it so important for property owners to find reliable plumbers to clear drains when they get clogged and troubleshoot future issues. Let 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions professionals take care of any of your drain needs.

Highly Qualified Plumbers

We are a licensed plumbing company with a team of highly qualified plumbers who have what it takes to repair any type of plumbing problem. Our team is well equipped and properly trained to clean any type of drain regardless of size or magnitude of the problem. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

Drain Cleaning Service

Clogged drains can make wastewater start backing out of your drains. For instance, if the main drain pipe is blocked, water will come out of the toilet and bathroom drains on the ground floor when a toilet on the upper floor is flushed. This creates a serious health hazard and needs to be fixed urgently. Some drain clogs that can easily be cleared with a plunger. Start by pouring hot water into the drain and use a plunger to clear the drain. This method is usually effective most of the time. If it does not work, however, call the 1st Response Team and we’ll come out and fix real quick. Be sure to call our emergency lines whenever your drains get clogged.

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