Why is Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?

Why is Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?

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Water leaks from an air conditioner are some of the common and concerning problems that require urgent attention. Some homeowners tend to think that the problem is with their plumbing system when they notice water trickling down from their HVAC systems.

If you are working with a reputable air conditioner repair service Edmonds, WA contractor, identifying the cause of water leak in your AC should be easy. The greatest concern with water leaks is the damage to the property next to the leaking point or even damage to other HVAC components in your home. It is for this reason that you should have all AC water leaks repaired by a knowledgeable expert as soon as you spot them.

If the water leak in your AC system is not repaired in time, it can also promote the growth of mold in your home. This will, in turn, affect the health of those living in your home in the long run. At 1st Response HVAC, we have the experienced and knowledgeable experts you need to detect and repair any water leak in your air conditioner for lasting results.

We also provide AC replacement in Marysville to your doorstep. According to our skilled experts, water leaks can be caused by several problems in your air conditioner, some of which are discussed below.


When Water Overflows


The water trickling down from your air conditioning unit may be a result of an overflow in the AC condensate drain. In most of the cases, we have helped resolve, the problem was caused by a condensate drain that had been poorly positioned during installation or AC repair in Marysville. In some cases, the tray may also be knocked out of its proper position, which makes it easier for water to overflow from the tray and trickle downwards.


Again, the overflow may be caused by a blockage in the drainpipe. To identify the actual cause of this type of water leak, you need to hire a professional to diagnose the system. With our technicians repairing a water leak in your air conditioner, you will not only have the problem resolved; our experts will also advise you on what to do to avoid a recurrence of the same during the summer.

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Condensate Drainage Problems

As opposed to the misconception by some homeowners today, an air conditioning system does not require water to run. Now you must be wondering where the leaking water comes from; this water is formed during the heat exchange process by the HVAC.


Under normal circumstances, this condensate collects on the colder parts of the evaporator coil and is drained through condensate pipes. A punctured or clogged drainpipe will lead to the leakage of this condensate. In other cases, the problem could be a faulty condensate pump. As you can see, many things can cause a water leak in your air conditioner. As such, you need a reputable  AC service near you or contractor to diagnose the problem in your system and fix it accordingly.


Many homeowners today dismiss AC water leak problems for plumbing issues in their homes. Failing to have a water leak fixed can lead to other problems, such as damage to nearby property by the trickling water. Contact us if you’re searching for the phrase “AC service near me“.


Our air conditioner repair service Edmonds, WA technicians are trained to find the problem, fix it and prevent it from occurring again in the future. To benefit from our years of experience and expertise in repairing water leaks in your AC, give us a call today at 206-775-8020. You can also contact us for air purifier installation in Marysville.