AC Repair In Seattle, WA

AC Repair in Lynwood, Bellevue, Lake Stevens, WA and the Surrounding Areas

The Washington area is rapidly heading toward warm, summer weather. After a frigid winter, it’s time to inspect your home’s air conditioning unit and make sure everything is in proper working order before the hot temperatures set in. This handy visual checklist will help you determine if everything is in good, working order. If it’s not, a proactive spring checkup gives you plenty of time to call a repair service if needed. So contact our expert for the mini-split service in Everett.

Outside condenser inspection

Start off by visually inspecting your external condenser unit located outside the house. Check for weeds, overgrown bushes, or other debris which might grow into the base of the condenser and impede its effectiveness and clear them away if necessary. 1st Response HVAC is a renowned AC contractor in Lynnwood, WA.

Electrical elements

One of the most common HVAC system failures occurs when electrical components, wires, or connections malfunction. A simple visual inspection should determine if any of the key electrical components seem out of whack. From there, you can schedule an AC service in Marysville call from a professional technician to help tackle the issue.

Condenser coils

The condenser coils are a key element when it comes to producing cold air. Gas inside the coils is pressurized and becomes a liquid, expelling heat on the outside surface of the coils in the process. It pays to inspect and wipe down the outside of the coils on a yearly basis to ensure that they are doing their job properly and that there are no fluid leaks present.

Fan blades

Your outside condenser unit houses a giant fan blade which helps to circulate cold air throughout your home. Over time, as the blades are exposed to temperature extremes and other outdoor elements, those blades can become warped and dirty. You should clean and straighten the blades at the beginning of every warm season. Make sure to turn off the power to your AC unit by flipping the circuit breaker before attempting to handle the fan blades or call a professional to take care of it for you.


After all the necessary maintenance is performed on the outside condenser, make sure to inspect the ductwork inside your house for any leaks or poor seals. This can cause cool air to seep into unwanted areas of your home like the basement, draining the efficiency of the overall system. From there, make minor repairs as necessary and reseal loose joints.

Schedule professional repairs

If everything looks up to par with your HVAC system upon visual inspection, great! You’re ready for the summer. If anything is off now is the best time to be proactive and handle the problem. Call the experts at 1st response Heating and Air Solutions to schedule an AC repair and get your HVAC system back up and running before the warm weather hits. We also provide affordable and reliable air purifier installation in Marysville.