Furnace Repair In Lynnwood, And Marysville, WA

Furnace Repair Service In Lynnwood, And Marysville, WA

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

We are a family-owned business providing furnace repair service in Marysville Lynnwood, Bellevue, and other surrounding areas. Our mission is to comfort and serve our local community. By choosing 1st Response, you are contributing to our cause of serving the public. Get affordable services of heating repair in Marysville.

Noticing Problems?

If you’re noticing that your furnace is running without rest, isn’t producing heat, or has other problems, it’s time to start thinking about getting it serviced. In order to keep the problem from getting worse, you should avoid putting it off. Ensure a warm and comfortable winter by taking care of it as soon as possible through furnace repair in Marysville. In case repairing doesn’t solves the problem you should go for a new furnace installation in Lynnwood.

Can’t I Fix it Myself?

While it may seem like it’s possible to fix your heating equipment yourself, doing so poses several risks. First of all, if you have a home or furnace warranty, doing the work yourself may cause the warranty to be voided. Warranty companies don’t want anyone but a professional to work on equipment in order to avoid any accidental mistakes that could make the problem worse. That’s why you need a professional for furnace repair near you.

In addition, trying to fix the problem without expert knowledge poses risks to yourself and your home, such as fire or electrocution. For these reasons, we recommend keeping your home and family safe and contacting a licensed HVAC contractor instead! An expert can easily and safely perform Lynnwood furnace repair service.

Our Guarantee

If you’re looking for the best technicians possible to fix your furnace, your search ends here. 1st Response provides excellent, experienced Lynnwood furnace repair service near you and guarantees that we’ll get the job done right the first time. We are a renowned heating contractor in Lynnwood, WA.

we also provide water heater service in Marysville. In case you aren’t completely satisfied, you can call us back to get it redone. If calling isn’t convenient for you, check out our Contact Us page to find other ways to get in touch with us!

Got questions? Email or give us a call at (206) 775-8020 and our specialist will help guide you through the furnace repair in Marysville process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should I maintain my furnace?

Maintaining a furnace can be done by following a few steps:

  • Clean your blowers regularly
  • Keep a close check on the thermostat
  • Regularly inspect the fan
  • Clean the filter system well
  • Maintain the furnace ducts

By following the above points, you can maintain your furnace and increase its longevity.

How often should I clean my furnace?

It is advisable to clean the furnace once a year constantly. You can either do it during the fall or springtime to ensure it works smoothly. Cleaning and in-depth maintenance will detect any common malfunction and make sure it works properly.

What is the best way to clean the furnace filter?

First, you need to take off the filter and place it on the ground. Once you have done that, take a vacuum cleaner to clean out the dirt and debris.

Then, take it to the sink and turn on the faucet. Use running lukewarm water to clean the filter well. You can take the help of a brush to clean the filter properly. Once you finish, turn off the faucet.

Let your filter dry off completely before placing it back again.

Why is the pilot light not working?

A pilot light not working might be closely associated with the thermocouple. Most of the times, dust and dirt get accumulated in the thermocouple. That is the time the sensor causes problems, and the pilot light does not work.

Why is my pilot light flame yellow?

The pilot light must be blue. However, when the air intake valve gets filled with dirt, the pilot light turns yellow.