Kirkland WA Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Kirkland WA Heating and Air Conditioning Service

There are three essential components of Kirkland heating and air cooling systems: a source of warm or cool air, a method for delivering the heated or cooled air into your living space, and a method for regulating the temperature in your home.

The thermostat detects when the temperature is too hot or too cold and activates and deactivates the system to maintain your desired temperature. A furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump will draw air from your living space, heat or cool it, and then recirculate it to the desired temperature.

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How do Cooling and Heating Systems Operate?

Heating and air conditioning are based on the principle that heat always flows from a warmer object to one that is cool, just as water always flows from a higher to a lower level. Furnaces and heaters add heat to the air to warm your home, while air conditioners remove heat to cool it. AC service in Marysville is based on this principle too.

All heating and cooling systems are fuel-powered. Air conditioners are powered by electricity. Most residential heating systems utilize gas or fuel oil; others use electricity. An electrically powered climate control device, such as a heat pump, heats and cools the air. It extracts heat from the indoor air during warm temperatures.

In the winter, it draws heat from the outside air and uses it to warm the interior air. When the furnace is activated, it consumes its fuel, which may be gas, oil, or electricity. As power is burned, heat is produced and distributed through ducts, pipes, or wires to the living areas of your home, where it is blown out of registers, radiators, or heating panels.

Services We Offer:

Systems of Heating and Cooling Distribution:

  • Air-Forced Systems:

A forced-air system works on the distribution of the heat or the coolness by a central air conditioner through an electrically powered fan known as a blower. It forces the air through a system of metal ducts into the place’s rooms.

Warm air from the furnace goes into the rooms, and colder air from the rooms is returned to the furnace. This cold air is again heated. You can look for an HVAC service near you to book a maintenance session for your system.

  • Gravity-Based Systems:

The principle underlying gravity-based systems is that hot air rises and cold air sinks. In a gravity system, the location of the furnace is quite different, near the floor or beneath it. The heated air rises and travels through ducts to floor registers throughout the house.

If the stove is on the main floor, the heat registers are typically placed high on the walls, as they must always be higher than the furnace. The heated air ascends to the ceiling. The air sinks upon cooling, enters the return air ducts, and is recirculated to the furnace for reheating.


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