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Several families need HVAC services regularly for their heating and cooling appliances. An HVAC appliance cannot function efficiently without proper professional care for a long time. To control your energy bills and to have a comfortable stay at your home, ensure your air conditioner gets regular servicing and maintenance.

Knowing a trustworthy company that offers high-class work quality at reasonable rates is not as easy as it sounds. We are here to simplify the search process for you. 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions is ready with the right tools and experience to provide you with the most convenient services.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Know about some common but serious air conditioner problems for which you should contact us and get immediate solutions:

  • Your air conditioner runs constantly, but the temperature is not comfortable enough or does not operate.
  • It does not give out cool air or gives out hot air.
  • Leakage problems.
  • Short-cycling.
  • Some of its components froze.
  • Its circuit breaker trips repeatedly.
  • Unwanted smell or noise.

These problems indicate that your air conditioner needs a professional service, repair, or a complete replacement schedule. Irrespective of what it needs, we shall be happy to provide you with it. 

A Detailed List of Services:

Air Conditioner Service

A service schedule for your air conditioner ensures that the parts do not face excessive wear and tear. The parts with slight damage get a quick repair or replacement during the service schedule.

A service schedule includes several steps:

  • Replacing or cleaning air filters.
  • Cleaning evaporator coils and condenser coils.
  • Removing clogs from the drain line.
  • Checking for leakages in vents, ducts, and the drain pan.
  • Lubricating moving parts to remove wear and tear.
  • Inspecting the thermostat for wiring problems.
  • Running safety tests on the system.

Contact us to book an AC service in Marysville and Bellevue.

AC Repair

If you maintain a regular service schedule for your air conditioner, you will notice a decrease in the number of repairs your air conditioner will need each season. However, regular servicing does not end the requirement of repair jobs.

If your system unexpectedly malfunctions or breaks down in the middle of the season, you would not want to schedule a service. Instead, repairing services is what you need. Depending on the system’s condition, a repair is comparatively lower in cost than a service schedule. Contact us to learn about our successful AC repair in Bellevue.

Air Conditioning Replacement Services in Bellevue

In rare cases, your technician would suggest you purchase a new air conditioner to replace it with your current one. If you satisfy more than two conditions in this checklist, you should consider contacting us for an air conditioning replacement in Bellevue:

  • Your air conditioner has crossed its expected lifespan.
  • It demands more repairs each month.
  • Even after many repairs, it does not work efficiently.
  • Your indoor air quality and humidity levels are not the required levels.
  • Your family has faced increased breathing problems and allergies ever since you started using your air conditioner.
  • Your energy bills are soaring.

AC Installation in Bellevue

Installing an air conditioner involves several steps, and for most of them, you need a trustworthy HVAC company that would not leave the job midway. Once you purchase a new air conditioner, the company starts installing your new system.

Installing a new system includes:

  • Dismantling the existing air conditioner and disposing of it.
  • Modifying the existing ductwork network and channels to match the new system.
  • Installing a smart thermostat compatible with the new system.
  • Installing the new system after accurate calculations and measurements.

Get more details on how we execute an air conditioning installation near you in Bellevue.

1st Response Heating & Air Solutions for HVAC services

There is no need to waste your time looking for an HVAC company when your HVAC appliance breaks down. True to our name, 1st Response will reach your place as early as possible to fix your problem with customized solutions with the latest tools for better solutions. Contact our customer care desk to know how we can help you at all times.

1st Response HVAC provides heater and air conditioning repair, service, installation and services in Bellevue WA and surrounding areas. Check out what some of our customers are saying about 1st Response HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning services.

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