Air Purifiers In Lynnwood, WA

Air Purifiers in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Lake Stevens, WA and the Surrounding Areas

“Air purifier” is a term often used in the HVAC industry. An air purifier is an equipment component that helps purify air. These purifiers can be bought for cheap and there are also premium versions, which can be significantly more effective than the inexpensive air purifier variants. Contact 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions for HVAC service near you and Air Purifiers in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Lake Stevens, WA and the Surrounding Areas.

Purification Mechanism

IStock 22332637 SMALL, 1st Response Heating & Air SolutionsThe purification mechanism of air purifiers is based on electrostatic charge. The whole unit is positioned in an inconspicuous location and the air is made to circulate through it. With the air passing above the charged plates, spores and dust or any other floating debris get captured by the charge – similar to how salt crystals get attracted toward statically-charged combs. As a result, the air passing out of the purifier is much cleaner than the waft of air heading into the purifier. If you’re looking for air purifier installation in Marysville, contact us.

Passive Electrostatic Purifiers

Passive electrostatic purifiers cannot possibly attract common allergens since the germs are not light enough to float in the air. These germs and allergens, therefore, stay grounded and rarely reach air purifiers’ electrostatic plates. Also, air purifiers grab the harmful germs and allergens out of thin air to keep them from being thrown onto furniture, carpets, and clothes by regular air flow through the home.

This is why plates should be periodically detached from the primary equipment for cleaning. This cleaning routine can further decrease the homeowner’s exposure to bacteria and allergens as they build upon the plates. Servicing of your HVAC unit can also improve  indoor air quality. Get air conditioning service near you.

Motorized Air Purifiers

Motorized air purifiers, on the other hand, offer some benefits over the passive models. With mechanical air suction, an increased quantity of air can be pulled in. The air circulation is also much more pronounced, which means the allergens and dust won’t land on other surfaces. If an individual needs more air purification due to his/her health condition, special HEPA filter-equipped air purifiers would work well in tandem with other filtration setups. We also provide heating and AC service in Marysville to your doorstep.

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