Four Reasons Why Your Furnace is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker & How to Solve It

Can you imagine your comfort being compromised in winter because the furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker? It happens when there is a sudden power surge or an issue with the electrical grid. 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions, a professional heat pump in Marysville, advises you to reset the breaker.

When you reset the circuit breaker, your furnace should start working again. Be attentive to your heating system. If the issue persists, find the source as early as possible. Below listed are a handful of reasons responsible for this mishap.

Four Top Reasons for the Constant Tripping of Furnace Circuit Breaker

Your Furnace is Overloaded

A furnace becomes overloaded when there is an excessive electric flow. Excessive electric flow happens when the furnace system is required to heat extra space. If your furnace keeps tripping after several minutes once turning it on, there might be a problem. At this point, call us for a professional furnace repair near you.

You can try the following steps to fix the problem at home in the meantime:

  1. Clear the air filters.
  2. Inspect if the vents are closed.
  3. Ensure that the ducts are not restricted.

The Main Circuit Panel is Overloaded

Many households make the mistake of connecting furnace lines with other electrical outlets at home. That is where the problem lies. Running your furnace and other electrical appliances on the same circuit will overload it. 

As a result, the systems will consume more energy and shut down gradually. Before you search online for expert furnace maintenance near you, you can follow these simple steps to solve the issue:

  1. Disconnect your furnace from the shared circuit board.
  2. Don’t turn on the system when other appliances are running.

You can also ask the technicians to create a separate circuit board for your heating system.

The Electrical Panel is Faulty

It is often found that the problem lies with the main electrical panel. The board may be faulty, or some parts have become loose. It can happen due to improper installation or the panel has become obsolete over time. It is better to call us for professional furnace service near you to replace the entire electrical panel.

The Furnace Blower is Overworked

A blower in the furnace system keeps working all day and night. It sends heat to the ducts that distribute the heat throughout your home.

Due to this constant operation, the furnace becomes overworked, leading to the continuous tripping of the circuit breaker. If you find the blower always moving, it is time to contact us.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a heating replacement in Marysville online, 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions is your best choice for furnace repair service in Lynwood.

We are a group of trained professionals with robust experience in the HVAC industry. Our USP lies in our quality service. Contact us at 206-643-1525 or mail us to fix an appointment.