What to Do In Winter to Keep Your Heater Running Smoothly

When your furnace operates well, your home will remain at a comfortable temperature. However, issues with the system can cause the air temperature to drop. While you may complete some repairs on your way, some situations require inspection and repair by a professional for heating maintenance in Marysville, WA.

Continue reading to find out what you can throughout the year if your heater is not producing enough hot air.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Maintenance ensures effective, dependable, and secure heating during winter. Make an appointment for a heating system tune-up with your reliable HVAC company, preferably in the autumn. Heat pumps need servicing in the fall for heating and the spring for cooling, but furnaces and boilers should be serviced once a year. Look for a professional technician by searching for an HVAC service near me.

When systems are maintained, problems may be found and fixed before they cause a system failure. When issues are identified early on, and homes keep using their heating systems, more severe and expensive damage may result. This can prevent the need for heat pump service in Marysville and heating interruptions by adequately maintained systems.

Change Air Filters

Air filters protect forced air HVAC systems from dirt, dust, and debris that might harm sensitive interior components and result in poor performance. Depending on the type of filter being used, you should change air filters regularly, which can range from monthly to annually. You can consult a professional for heat pump service in Marysville, WA to find out how often to change your filter.

Make it a habit to check the filter each month to determine whether a replacement is required sooner than anticipated.

Clean the Furnace

You should maintain the space around the furnace or heating system, even if a maintenance tune-up will clean out the inside chambers of the furnace or air handler.

Remove dirt and debris to prevent them from being drawn into the furnace or air supply while operating. To ensure that airflow to the furnace is not obstructed, remove any things you may have kept nearby. Avoid placing anything against the furnace’s exterior. In case of any complications, get help from a professional for heating replacement in Marysville, WA.

Clean and Clear Air Vents

All vents in your living areas should be open and free of obstructions for your furnace or heat pump to properly and efficiently heat your house. The energy-saving myth of closing vents to reduce heating causes system damage.

When a flue is closed or obstructed, warm air is held in the system because your heating unit and ductwork are intended to distribute a specific volume of conditioned air to each room of your home. As a result, there is overheating, duct damage, and ineffective energy consumption.

Bottom Line

The best action is to contact HVAC specialists if your furnace isn’t blowing hot air after conducting the required troubleshooting. By searching for HVAC service near me online, you’ll find us as a top result.

Schedule your service online with 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions, or call (206) 643-1525 or drop us an email for all your HVAC needs. Our skilled HVAC experts can identify the problem and quickly fix it promptly and efficiently.