Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit is Losing Efficiency

Reduced performance, higher energy costs, and more frequent repairs and maintenance symptoms of an inefficient HVAC system.

Whether your home can’t be warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer, HVAC problems are inconvenient.

It’s a fair chance that your HVAC unit is losing efficiency if you’re having problems. But, before you can fix your HVAC problem, you need to figure out what’s causing it. Google AC repair services near me’ to find different solutions for your HVAC system online.

7 Things To Check If Your HVAC Unit Is Losing Efficiency

Here Are Seven Indicators To Check For If You Think Your HVAC System Is Losing Efficiency And How To Fix Them:

  • A Rise In Electricity Bills

A sudden increase in your utility bill might indicate that your heating and cooling equipment isn’t working properly. If your power bill suddenly rises despite no change in weather, season, or utility rates, then there’s a possibility that your HVAC needs servicing.

Solution: If you haven’t detected any problems, get your system inspected by a trained professional.

  • Clogging In Air Filter

Air filters are used in HVAC systems to guarantee that clean air is continuously circulated. Dust and dirt are kept out of the system, thanks to air filters. However, if these filters become clogged, your system might struggle to circulate clean air, resulting in less-than-optimal efficiency.

Solution: Check and replace your air filters weekly or during high-use times. Filter replacement regularly maintains your HVAC system and improves the air quality in your house. If you want to install or replace air filters, search for air conditioning installation near me to get AC installations in no time.

  • Leaking Or Unclean AC Coils

Dust and debris build up on the evaporator coils within the blower due to dirty air filters. Particles might reach the coils instead of being filtered away, causing your air conditioner to stop working. Corrosion can also cause leakage in coils. Your system will get undercharged due to leaking coils while drastically lowering efficiency.

Solution: Coils should be cleaned and examined a few times a year. Consider cleaning them every month if they are prone to accumulating dust. Otherwise, once every three months or once a year is sufficient. Maintaining your air conditioning system regularly is a simple preventative precaution you can do to maintain your HVAC unit in good working order.

  • Wear And Tear Of Motor

Your AC unit’s motor will work harder to function if it gathers dust or runs out of oil. This can wear down the bearings and windings that turn the motor, causing energy loss.

Solution: If you have a problem with your unit’s motor, have a professional inspect it to determine if it needs to be lubricated or repaired.


HVAC systems benefit from yearly tune-ups and require occasional maintenance like other large appliances. However, if you’re calling in more repair technicians to fix your air conditioner, furnace, boiler, or any other portion of your HVAC system, one or more unit parts are failing. When a component fails, it attempts to offer thermal comfort by drawing excessive energy. Homeowners might consider replacing an HVAC system if it requires regular substantial repairs.

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