Three Reasons Why You Should Think About a Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation In Redmond WA , 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions Furnaces are powerful heating systems that slowly but surely are conquering a big chunk of the heating systems market. This is due to a number of factors: First off, let’s define what a furnace is; putting it simply, it is a device that blows heated air through and against ducts that will then heat up causing an increase in the temperature in the rooms in your household. You can think of it as a boiler that instead of heating up water, heats up the air. Now you might be wondering; why shall I get a fresh furnace installation in Lynnwood if I’m already getting warm enough with my current heating system. Well, fair play; however, bear with me. I’ll give you now three (very good) reasons to step up your heating game.
  1. Save on Running Costs Thanks To Higher Efficiency
Replacing your current, old, heating system with a high-efficiency furnace, will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. Indeed the majority of the older heating systems has got around 63% of annual fuel utilization. This means that the remaining 37% is lost and thus nearly 40% of what you are already paying for is simply not being used. On the other end, high-efficiency furnaces pride themselves on a 90%+ annual fuel utilization. Doing the math, you can see right away that you will save nearly 30% on your monthly bill (and plus, you will be helping the environment! Therefore, heating replacement in Marysville is a good choice.
  1. Higher Quality Heating
When compared to their “colleagues”, furnaces are much higher quality heating systems that work well in any home. A furnace not only can be used as a central home heating system, also it can help you heat up your water (and in general anything you can think of that requires heat). Their availability has been one of the top reasons for making them an absolute top choice in the heating systems market. Furnace Installation In Redmond WA 1 1, 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions
  1. Much Longer Lifespan
Furnaces are complex machines and this is mostly due to the fact that they work smarter rather than harder. This translates into a much longer lifespan compared to more standard heating systems. Even though a furnace is a combination of a multitude of components, it’s quite safe to say that on average, you will be able to enjoy the warmth generated by your furnace for around 20 years (as long as you use it correctly) with little or no loss of efficiency, making it a perfect investment for your home. This means that its lifespan averages around twice as much when compared to other heating systems. You can also increase its lifespan by getting regular furnace maintenance near you. Across these three points you can see right away that all of them convey pretty much the same message; get a furnace installation in Redmond, WA done and you will save money in the long run. I reckon, furnaces can be a little intimidating as there’s a fairly high price to be paid upfront, however, the amount of money you will be saving throughout the years is by far higher. If you’ve already made up your mind, call us at 206-775-8020 and get a quotation for a furnace installation in Redmond, WA today.  We also provide a water heater and furnace service near you. Contact us if you’re looking for a water heater replacement near you.