What Distinguishes a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

To create heat, furnaces burn oil or gas, while heat pumps run on electricity, using heat from outside air and transferring it inside. Due to how they work, heat pumps produce less heat than furnaces and work better in warmer climates. If you still need some clarity regarding the differences between the two, continue reading this blog.

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An Introduction to the Furnace System

The furnace is a common name for most homeowners. It is a heating system that generates heat through burning mainly. These furnaces are also forced-air systems because the furnace uses HVAC ducts to disperse heat across your house. There are three types of furnaces you will find in the market:

Gas-Based Furnace

The gas furnace system is households’ most used heating system. If you look for furnace service near me online, the providers will first offer you this furnace system.

Oil-Based Furnace

It is almost equally popular with gas furnaces. An oil furnace is mainly used in regions where gas is scarce.

Electric Furnace

It is a new addition to the furnace system. Even though these systems are expensive, you can expect almost 100% output from the electric furnaces.

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An Introduction to the Heat Pumps

Heat pumps don’t burn anything to generate heat. Instead, a heat pump relies on electricity and refrigerants to extract heat from the outside air and then push it inside your home. 

This same heat pump can work in summer by reversing this technique to produce cool air. You can contact our professional heat pump repair in Everett to install one at your place.

A heat pump can last up to 15 years if properly maintained. One unit of electricity is needed for a heat pump to transfer three heat units into your rooms. Heat pumps are well known for their high energy efficiency. 

It can be your best choice if you live in an area with no gas or oil line. However, the only drawback associated with the heat pumps is that the system efficiency drops when the temperature outside falls below the mercury level.


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