Why Does HVAC Maintenance Matter?

An efficiently running HVAC system will do wonders in keeping your bills down. When it is properly maintained, your heating or cooling unit will operate at maximum efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for HVAC service near you, look no further than 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions. We also specialize in  heating system replacement in Marysville.

If you want to know why HVAC maintenance service matters, keep reading this post.

Top Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance is Important:

Increased Lifespan of Your System

HVAC maintenance ensures that your system can run an extra few years. You can expect your system to work for up to 25 years with adequate servicing. If you look for a heating repair in Marysville online, you will get plenty of professional services that will give you the same benefit as maintaining an HVAC system. We recommend 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions for quality HVAC service.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When an HVAC system gets older, indoor air quality is one of the first things that get affected. However, if you choose a compact maintenance service, the technicians will ensure you get quality air in your home. These technicians will run a comprehensive test on your HVAC system, locate the problems if there are any and provide necessary solutions. If you are looking for air purifier installation in Marysville then contact us for it.

Less Repair Work

Every HVAC system requires professional repair work in its entire lifetime. Annual maintenance service reduces the need for any unnecessary repair service and saves you money in the long run. Our HVAC experts resolve the problems associated with your system during maintenance service.

Extra Safety

We all want to be safe and secure in our homes, and one way to do this is to check your HVAC system annually. A comprehensive furnace maintenance near you by our technician ensures that everything is in the correct order:

  1. The air filters are clean.
  2. The duct works have no leaks.
  3. The evaporator coils are in good condition.
  4. The refrigerant is at the optimum level.
  5. The system has no loose wires, screws or bolts, etc.


A complete maintenance service will go a long way to your benefit. f you are worried about your comfort in the upcoming winter and looking for an efficient heating replacement in Marysville online, 1st Response Heating & Air Solutions can be your best option.

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