Why You Should Have Your AC Filter Checked?

One of the best ways to combat the heat of summer from the comfort of your home is to own an ac. Enjoying the cooling effect, it brings after a long day is a relaxing feeling. However, this also means that your ac needs to be in top condition before keeping you comfortable.

An AC that has not been checked and maintained can result in it wearing out or issues with your filter arising. The filter is one of the most important parts of the ac as it filters the air that passes through before releasing cool air into the atmosphere. Rather than waiting, it is better to call for a company with AC repair services near me to check out your AC’s filter.

Consequences Of An Unchecked AC Filter:

An AC whose filter has been left unchecked, especially for a long time, can result in many consequences for the AC and you, resulting in the need for air conditioning service near you. Here are a few that can occur:

  • Can cause internal Build-up: One of the consequences of not changing your AC filter when required is that it can affect the AC’s internal parts, such as the fan motors and valves. AC filters are not meant to last forever, especially when you consider the quality of the filter used. If not checked and changed, it can cause a build-up of dust and dirt in the filter. As this continues to clog up, it can cause a strain on your AC unless checked.
  • Results in Mold Contamination: This is another reason you should have your ac filter checked and changed periodically. Apart from dirt, other contaminants can generate a dirty system. If the filters are not checked and changed frequently, these molds can begin to clog up the system, resulting in contaminated air being released into the atmosphere. To avoid this, it is better to call for AC repair services near you
  • Parts Wear out Faster: An AC filter that has not been checked can affect the whole system, not just the filter. If the filter is not changed when required, the dust and dirt particles that have clogged up can start degrading the system and wearing out parts. For those whose system is beyond saving, it is better to look in a company that offers AC replacement in Marysville for a new system.
  • Effects of the Evaporator Coil: When the air filter has been left unchecked, it causes a build-up of dirt and debris, which eventually flows back into the system. After a point in this, the dirt and debris will start to surround and collect on the evaporator coil, affecting the cooling process. If this is not seen to, it can cause the ac to start icing over.

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