3 Common Causes Of Home AC Overheating and Shutting Off

Your air conditioning system provides comfort indoors during the summer. Is your AC unit upto standard and ready for the summer heat, or are you Googling for air conditioning service near me?

Here are the top 3 reasons why your air conditioner might overheat and malfunction:

Reasons That Cause the Overheating Issues in The Air Conditioning System

The AC system overheats because the compressor is working hard and struggling to continue the AC functions. If you feel the structure of the outdoor unit is extremely warm, call AC service in Marysville to look into the issue.

Blocked Air Filter

An air filter is a passage of air to enter the AC unit, and the components work on the air and refrigerant to produce cool air. However, if the air filter is blocked due to the accumulation of dust and dirt over several months, the air cannot pass through it.

When the compressor does not get sufficient air, it starts overworking to ensure that the AC system operates. The solution to this problem is to replace the air filter every three months to ensure the problem is avoided.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are an essential part of the air conditioning system as it helps eliminate the heat from the compressed refrigerant coming from the compressor. If there is no heat transfer from inside to outside, you cannot chill the refrigerant appropriately.

It will cause the cooling cycles to run continuously until the desired temperature is achieved. You should clean the coils monthly using a brush, a scrub, and dish-cleaning soap. Also, you can use a coil cleaning spray available in the HVAC stores or call us  to help you out.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The AC system will not work if there is low refrigerant in the coils. All the components work on the refrigerant. The expansion and contraction of refrigerant gas cause the temperature in your room to lower.

When the refrigerant levels are low, the compressor’s workload increases and consumes more electricity to work on the left-out refrigerant levels. Search for the air conditioning service near me to refill the refrigerant levels.

What Happens If You Do Not Call the AC Technician?

Negligence causes the problems to grow and develop into a massive problem that is expensive and takes time to fix. When you do not call the air conditioner repair near you, here are some outcomes that will probably happen:

  • The AC system will suddenly break down if the issue is not resolved immediately. 
  • The issue will start affecting the other components, then degrade the quality of the services. 
  • Inefficient cooling will increase humidity content and discomfort in the surroundings.


Repairing a malfunctioning air conditioning system is not cheap; it is expensive. And in these high inflation times, the prices will soar to new heights.

1st Response Heating and Air Solutions will come right to the rescue, as soon as you find a change in the behavior of the AC system. Schedule a service to fix your malfunctioning air conditioning system.