Answers to Your Home Comfort Questions – Part 1

What is the most common mistake homeowners can make with their heating and cooling equipment?

It is easy for most homeowners to enjoy the heating and cooling produced by their comfort equipment and forget that it is there and requires maintenance to continue to perform without breakdowns. Regular service and maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment will ensure a much longer life. A homeowner will also enjoy significant savings on their gas and electric bills from a well-maintained system.

Clean burners, clean filters, lubricated motors, clean fans, and sealed combustion and exhaust systems are just a few of the maintenance items that significantly increase the safety, efficiency, comfort, and reliability of the system. Get the best HVAC service near you.

Homeowners will also receive invaluable information and advice based on their specific system and home from a trained professional. Advice on topics such as; what filtration is best, how to balance airflow throughout your home, what is the benefit of a programmable thermostat, are their better control options, or what system types are most efficient.

What is a heat pump?

How is it different from Air Conditioning/Furnace?

Is there anything a homeowner needs to do to maintain it?

When considering the most efficient heating methods, heat pumps inevitably become part of the conversation. A heat pump is very similar to an air conditioner with one added option. While an air conditioner moves hot air from inside your home to the outside in the summer, a heat pump has the added capability of extracting “heat” from the outside, and “pumping” it into your home in the winter.

Because a heat pump is moving heat from one place to another, and not necessarily creating heat, as a furnace may by burning fuel, it is a very efficient way to heat your home. In most cases, depending on the cost of electricity in your area, it is much more efficient than natural gas and propane options, and always more efficient than a standard electric air handler. Get heat pump service in Marysville for the best performance.

Annual service is still required by the manufacturer, just like a furnace. Keeping the coils clean, lubricating motors, checking and balancing refrigerant levels, and clearing condensate drains are some of the maintenance items performed by a service company to keep your system operating at its best.

Why are builders putting furnaces in the attic?

Attic installations for heating equipment are becoming more popular these days. With builders desiring to create the most usable square footage in the home, moving the heating equipment out of sight makes way for a nice coat closet or powder room.

Unfortunately, for most homeowners, this perpetuates the forgotten heating system problem. Access can be challenging for your service company, and there are added risks involved in moving around in an attic. Also, get the furnace maintenance near you on a regular basis.

A few things to remember if you are contemplating a home with a heating and cooling system in the attic are ease of access, a solid platform and pathway to the unit from the access point, adequate lighting and electrical outlets near the unit, and a remote filter placement so you as a homeowner aren’t forced to climb into your attic every 1-3 months to clean or replace your filters. Look for a reliable contractor of furnace service near you.