How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for the Summer Season?

Have you prepared your AC system to provide you respite during the unbearable summer heat? If you are looking for a guide to help prepare your air conditioning system, we have listed all of the essential steps you need to be summer-ready.

Steps to Prepare Your AC System For the Summer Season!

According to our AC service in Marysville, follow the steps below to bring your AC system out after a long break:

  • Clean the AC Unit

Remove the plastic covering from the AC unit, take a brush and damp cloth and clean the AC outdoor and indoor unit surface. With the help of the brush, remove the dust from the inside of the AC system and components.

  • Replace the Air Filter

After cleaning the unit, check the air filter condition in the AC system. If the AC filter seems new but dusty, wash it with water. If you did not replace it before putting it away the previous year, replace it with a new one.

  • Remove the Dust From Condensate Fins

AC service in Marysville recommends taking a small bristle brush and cleaning the condenser fins. Be gentle while cleaning because the fins are thin and malleable, and they can get easily bent when forcefully rubbed.

  • Clean the Vents and the Coils

Cleaning the coils is vital because heat transfers from the surface, and when heat exchange takes place appropriately, the refrigerant chilling properties increase. So, with the help of a scrubber and a dish cleaner, you can wash the coils. With the help of a damp cloth, remove the dust from the vents, and make your AC system shine.

  • Time to Check the Condensate Drain

Check the condensate pan for a crack because a crack in the pan can lead to water dripping issues. Also, open the drain pipe access lid and check for algae or mold growth because it blocks the water passage.

Signs That Indicate You Might Need to Call the AC Technician!

Before calling the maintenance technician for maintenance and inspection, switch on the AC system for a few hours and keep an eye on its performance. You can mention the issues to the AC service technician if there are any irregularities in the performance.

However, if your AC is more than a decade old, and shows the following symptoms, then you might need to call the AC replacement in Marysville to find a new AC unit:

  • The AC system produces loud and disturbing noises during operation.
  • During your inspection, you found the metallic coils and bolts have rusted.
  • The air conditioning system takes time to lower the indoor air.
  • The AC system does not change according to the thermostat.
  • Hissing noises from the AC system indicate a refrigeration leak
  • The AC system does not work due to compressor failure.


It is better to prepare your AC system before summer arrives in the county, so you have ample time to deal with the issues. If you find any problems during the inspection, Google HVAC service near me to help you quickly resolve the issue.

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