Some Easy Ways for Better Summer AC Efficiency

The heat of the summer is increasing, and the most desirable thing you probably want right now is for your air conditioning system to function efficiently. If your AC system performance goes down, then the utility bills are sure to go up.

Without a fully functioning air conditioner, going through the day might feel terrible. We also provide AC repair in Marysville to your doorstep.

Here Are Some Easy Steps To Follow For Improving and Maintaining The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning Systems.

  • Professional Maintenance Checkup Before Summer

It’s better to conduct an entire maintenance checkup before summer to confirm the good functionality of your AC. A maintenance checkup will save your efforts from future repairs, and it also ensures its proper functioning. To add, to this is that timely maintenance and inspection of an AC system increases its life span.

  • Cleaning The Condenser 

It’s important to keep the condenser of your AC system in good health. The condenser is the component that belongs to the outer cabinet and is the most important part of the overall system.

The area around the condenser gets occupied with debris and dirt; this affects the efficiency of the system. Survey the outer unit and clean the condenser also, check the fins and wash them properly.

  • Survey Of Room Vents

Inspect the connections of the vents and the entire ventilation system. Check if the airflow has been blocked for any reason. Clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner and remove all the dirt from the paths of the vents. This also helps to prevent foul smells. Cleaning the vents provides more space for air passage which causes less pressure on the air conditioner to work. 

  • Correct Setting Of The Thermostat

Know the correct setting of the thermostat. Do not lower the temperature unnecessarily; this forces the ac to work more, and thus the efficiency of the system decreases. 

Maintaining a small temperature difference between the outer temperature and the thermostat would make the heat transfer process easy, saving power. Your AC at 78°F during the day is most preferred, it’s the time when people are home.

  • Replace The Air Filter Every 1 to 3 Month

The air filters in the AC remove all the dust particles and lint that will come through the return air ducts. After some months, the air filter gets filled with dirt, and it gets congested, due to which the airflow is restricted. Replacing the air filter every 1 to 3 months ensures smooth functioning of the air conditioner system.

Some of the above tasks related to air conditioners might require you to reach out to professional help.

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