Why Should You Change Your Air Filter in Summer?

An air conditioning system is a complex machine that aims to provide you comfort in the summer season. As we find new ways to enhance our comfort, this also comes with potential issues that may arise. Pollutants are unwanted particles that are harmful to our health. These dangerous particles are a part of the air we breathe, and there are ways to avoid them.

How can you stay safe when the air around is polluted? The AC service in Marysville might have the answer to your query!

According to the experts, investing in an air purifier is the best option to keep your indoors free from pollutants. You can also increase air ventilation by keeping the doors and windows open.  

Role of Air Filter in the AC System

Every commercial and residential plot in the country has an air conditioning and heating system to provide comfort. But this system helps to keep the environment and air clean through proper ventilation. This also removes the excess moisture that causes allergies in people with low-immune symptoms.

The air filter is the component that turns the impure air into fresh air by keeping all the pollutants out of the residence. You can calculate the efficiency of the air filter with the help of the MERV rating.

Like everything, air filters also can filter the air to a certain extent. After that, the air filter’s ability to clean the air decreases and lets the air pass through without cleaning it. Google HVAC service near me if you require assistance.

Reasons Why Replacing the Air Filter is Essential!

According to the air filter replacement in Marysville, the air gets more polluted because the dust collected by the air filter also gets mixed with the fresh air.

Here are some reasons why experts recommend residents replace the AC filter:

  • Pollutants and dust particles travel in the air, and breathing polluted air for a long time might lead to chronic or acute respiratory diseases. These unwanted particles are responsible for allergies in children, adults, and elders.
  • Moisture can unleash new problems as a humid environment is perfect for the growth of mold and mildew. The spores of these pathogens can enter your residence and find suitable corners to increase the population. Mildew and mold can affect your household interiors.
  • Dust and dirt particles can get stuck inside the coils and settle on the metal surface. It can hinder the refrigeration process and lead to the delivery of inefficient services.
  • Sometimes, the AC system stops working because the air filter is so tightly jammed by the dust particles that there is no space for the air to get through the barrier. And the AC system stops working because the components do not get enough air to continue the process.

According to experts of air filter replacement, before you begin the summer season, replace the air filter to keep your family and AC system safe.


Air filters play a prominent role in maintaining the air balance in your indoor environment. That’s why experts of AC repair in Marysville recommend you replace the air filter every three months.

If you feel the indoor air quality in your residence has degraded or are facing problems with the AC system, then call 1st Response Heating and Air Solutions for a quick inspection.